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Generally speaking, advertising is the paid promotion of goods, services, companies and ideas by an identified sponsor. Marketers see advertising as part of an overall promotional strategy. Other components of the promotional mix include publicity, public relations, personal selling and sales promotion.

Advertisers use several recognizable techniques in order to better convince the public to buy a product and shape the publics attitude towards their product. These may include:

Repetition: Some advertisers concentrate on making sure their product is widely recognized. To that end, they simply attempt to make the name remembered through repetition.

Bandwagon: By implying that the product is widely used, advertisers hope to convince potential buyers to "get on the bandwagon."

Testimonials: Advertisers often attempt to promote the superior quality of their product through the testimony of ordinary users, experts, or both. "Three out of four dentists recommend..." This approach often involves an appeal to authority.

Pressure: By attempting to make people choose quickly and without long consideration, some advertisers hope to make rapid sales: "Buy now, before they're all gone!"

Appeal to emotion Various techniques relating to manipulating emotion are used to get people to buy a product. Apart from artistic expression intended to provoke an emotional reaction (which are usually for associative purposes, or to relax or excite the viewer), three common argumentative appeals to emotion in product advertising are wishful thinking, appeal to flattery, and appeal to ridicule. Appeals to pity are often used by charitable organizations and appeals to fear are often used in public service messages and products, such as alarm systems or anti-bacterial spray, which claim protection from an outside source. Finally, appeals to spite are often used in advertising aimed at younger demographics.

I don't know about you, but I've searched around and spent tons on systems with much less to offer. So I'm glad to be able to show this to you because it is working for me and working well.

This breakthrough program has access to exciting and new patent-pending technology that allows you to stake your claim to actual banner spots on other people's websites. This results in positive 'web cash flow' and continuous viral web traffic to your site. Best of all, it is FREE!! This program is destined to take the internet by storm!


Your ad gets seen on the Network!!

Ad-Weekly - $ 25.00/per week
Advertisement published in weekly ManEzine
& on the Classified page (20 words max)

Ad - Monthly - $ 75.00/monthly
Advertisement published in weekly ManEzine
(4 weeks), & on the Classified page (20 words max)

Ad - Special - $ 35.00/weekly
Ad w/1-graphic published in weekly ManEzine
& on the Classified page (20 words max)

Advertorial* and Ad - $95.00 / one issue
Your Advertorial and 1 graphic published in single issue
of ManEzine. An article written to promote your products
and services along with supporting Ad(20 words max) in
ManEzine & Classified page.

Advertorial* and Ad Special - $160.00

Your Advertorial published in one issue of ManEzine and
the monthly Network Newsletter along with supporting ads
(20 words max) in 4 issues of the ManEzine and Classified Page.

Includes 2 graphics**

* An Advertorial is an information article similar to a press release whose primary function is to promote you, your company or services. You can submit your own copy or for an additional fee, have our experts write it for you. Please limit your submissions to 250 words or less.

** All graphics must be provided by advertisers and be in
or Jpeg format, 72 dpi resolution and no larger than 2"x3".
Please note that your photos may be resized to accommodate
space limitations but will never be less than 1.5"x2" when published.
Animated Gifs can be accomodated.

If you require a service that is not listed,
please call 1.800.372.0255 for rates or send email: Contact Us.

Fax your adcopy to: 714.895.7808
Email your adcopy to: support@boothent.com

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$ 425.00/yr

Resume consisting of text, 8-graphics
Portfolio consisting of 24 pictures with
selected graphics/images of your choice
Personal Network email account

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Market your Product or Service Worldwide
Less than $ 15/wk ( less than the price of a movie ticket)


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